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  1. Fatawa-e-Razvia Software 30 Books Complete Download
  2. Kanzul iman software
  3. Khazain-ul-Hadayat Al-Quran Software Free Download
  4. Auqat-ul-Salat 1.0 Software Download
  5. Al Quran Software V 2.0 by Dawat e Islami
  6. Al-Madina Library Islamic Software by Dawat-e-Islami
  7. AlQuran Software (Version 2.1) Quran with Translation, Tafseer, Listen, Read & Search
  8. Faizan-e-Madina Kutub (Books) Software (1.0) Download More than 800 Books in 25 Different Languages for FREE
  9. Karamat-e-Ala Hazrat Android Islamic Application by Dawat-e-Islami
  10. Salam-e-Raza Android Islamic Application by Dawat-e-Islami
  11. Al Quran Kareem App For IOS Devices
  12. Kids Wudu Series: Wudu Guide for Kids and Converted Muslims
  13. App for Muslim Prayers
  14. Enumerate Quran with Translation and Transliteration
  15. Sahih Bukhari - A Mobile Application to Learn Hadith
  16. Salat times alarm App
  17. Tajweed Al Quran-A way of perfecting Quran Recitation
  18. Five Quran Surahs app for Android
  19. Deenwise Best Muslim App
  20. Prayer Timings
  21. Quran with English Urdu Translation
  22. Surah Kahf Complete Surah for Smartphones
  23. Al Madina Library Free Download
  24. LilMuslim Arabic Alphabet Android Game for Muslim Kids
  25. Madani Channel Application for Android and iPhone
  26. Prayer Times Application for Android and iOS
  27. Al Quran Karim (Kanzul Iman) Application for Android and iOS
  28. Rohani Elaj Application for Android
  29. Madani Qaidah Application for Android
  30. Hajj and Umrah Mobile Application for Android