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Benefit of reciting Darood Sharif

".If a person recites 1,000 Durood Shareef daily, he will never die unless he himself sees his place in Heaven with his own eyes."

Eid-e-Melad-un-Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) Ki Sharaii Haysiyat.


http://tafseerequran.net/images/wiladat_e_rasool_PBUH.jpgSharai Asool aur Muravijja Milad-e-Mustafa http://www.islamimehfil.info/style_emoticons/default/saw.gif

Speaker: Mufti Muhammad Asif Abdullah

Size: 11.70 MB

Duration: 01:19:25

Listen: http://tafseerequran.net/images/listen2.jpg (http://tafseerequran.net/otherbayanaat/Wiladat_e_Rasool_PBUH.wma)

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Inside the Bayan:

- Kya Naimat-e-KHUDA nazil honay pay EID ka itlaaq jaiz hai..?
- Kya Naimat-e-KHUDA kay hasool kay din Khushi banana jaiz hai..?
- Kya Sahaba(R.A) nay Eid Meelad un Nabi(SallALLAH o Alaihe Wasallam) banaya...?
- Saudi Arabia may Meelad nahi banaya jata, phir kya Meelad banana jaiz hai..?

Answer to above all questions many more important points are discussed in that bayan.

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