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    ALLAH (subhana wa taala) created everything in pairs. All existence has this principle instituted in it. Plants animals everything that has been created by ALLAH (subhana wa taala) has been created in pairs. ALLAH(subhana wa taala) establishes this in the quran by saying:
    'Glory be to the one ALLAH (subhana wa taala)who created everything in pairs.'
    ' It is He, ALLAH (subhana wa taala) ,glory be to him, who has created from a single soul a partner for it, so that it may find love and security in it.'
    This is something that is undeniable, something that is known and established and it is something that the foundation of the healthy muslim family must support and must understand in order to further the establishments of the laws of ALLAH (subhana wa taala) and his messenger Mohammed (Sallalaho alai hi wassalam). And this is one of the first realisations that must be made in order to begin building a successful muslim family and raising it on the account of the actions that one half of the partners.

    The messenger of ALLAH (subhana wa taala) in many different hadeeth and in many different places has shown the importance of the muslim woman. Especially her importance and her role in building a successful and healthy relationship in her home.And this is why ALLAH (subhana wa taala) from the orders, from the general order that he has given to the muslim woman, in surah Ahzaab, He says: 'And stay in ur homes.'
    This verse implies that the best place and the place that the muslim woman can reach the pinnacle of her relationship with ALLAH (subhana wa taala), is by being a good muslimah in her home. By protecting it, guarding it, teaching the inhabitants of the home the laws of ALLAH and his messenger Muhammed (Sallalaho alai hi wassalam). And this is why we see that the Prophet(Sallalaho alai hi wassalam) explaining this ayaat and the other ayaat-- he mentioned a hadeeth that is very important by saying: 'All of you have been given responsibilities and each of ypu shall be held to account in how well he upheld his responsibility.'

    Mentioned in the hadeeth. " muslim women is responsible for het home and she will be asked and questioned about whatr she has done in fulfilling her responsibility and duty in the home."

    The responsibilities of a muslim women is broken down into two broad categories:
    1. First she has a responsibility for cultivating a healthy situation in the home for the husband and for the children.
    2. Second her responsibility is in raising the children and educating them,
    As for the first one, making a healthy situation and cultivating it, it comes from the verse where ALLAH (subhana wa taala)) says in the Quran that ' the spouse finds solace in her.'
    Therefore your muslim husband should find solace in being with you. Therefore it becomes responsibility according to the words of ALLAH(subhana wa taala) to cultivate solace
    Also we see another ayaat in the Quran where ALLAH (subhana wa taala)says
    'the woman is like the garment of the man and the man is like the garment to the woman.'.
    The garment implies protection, therefore the muslim woman is a protection for her husband and also he is a source of protection and security for her
    As for the secong point, which is her duty in raising her children, it comes from the verses of Quran 'oh you who believe protect yourself and your family from a hell fire.'
    How to make our homes have a healthy situation?
    1.From the most important things first of all is to learn the habits of your husband. And also to incumbent upon the husband to learn the habits of his wife.
    2. The muslim woman must realise that her responsibility in the home is a way of worshipping ALLAH (subhana wa taala)). It is a part of keeping her duty to ALLAH.
    3.From the things that a muslim woman can do to build a healthy relationship in her home and cultivate it, is to know that building a peaceful home is a way of pleasing ALLAH (subhana wa taala). It is something that ALLAH(swt) and his Prophet Muhammed (Sallalaho alai hi wassalam)) adviced the muslim men to seek ,whn they are asking for a muslim woman.s hand in marriage.
    4.Is to try to work out the family issues and the problems that may arise inside the home, not involve other people. Not to run to the imaan as soon as something wrong happens, but try to work it out inside of the home and not to let it get out of hand and also not to divulge any of the family problems in front of young children or children in the household.
    5.The most important point is that the muslim woman must be patient. She must have patient. And this is vividly shown in the example as is narrated in the sahih of al bukhari, in the story of Ismaeel (alai his salam)and his father Ibraheem (alai his salam):
    'Ismaeel (alai his salam)was married to a woman and Ibraheem (alai his salam)came to visit his son and upon arriving to his home he found that Ismaeel (alai his salam) was away from the house. So he asked Ismaeel's (alai his salam)wife, "how is the situation, how is your life wth Ismaeel (alai his salam)?", without telling her that he is his father. She said ' we have little food' and she began to complain. He told her, 'when your husband returns inform him that he is to change his doorstep (the entrance of his door).' So when ismaeel (alai his salam)returned from his trip she informed him of what the man had told her who was infact his father ibraheem (alai his salam)and ismaeel (alai his salam)told her:'Return to your family' or 'you are divorced' my father has just ordered me to divorce you.' And the reason for this was that she was not patient
    'Then Ibraheem (alai his salam)came a year later and found a new wife that ismaee (alai his salam)l has married. And once again Ismaeel was out of his home when he arrived. Ibraheem (alai his salam) asked the wife of ismaeel , 'how is your situation, how is your life?' She said 'ALHAMDUILLAH everything is fine.' And did not complain. He told her ' when your husband returns, tell him to hold onto his doorsteps and not to change it.'
    If a muslim sister does one of these two things she is putting her home in liability and will be held responsible for it.
    1. leaving the home and not keeping a good home.As Prphet Muhammed (Sallalaho alai hi wassalam) said: ' The woman is awrah . when she leaves the home the shaytaan makes her high in the sight of other men.'
    2.Second of the things that mey ruin the muslim home is the muslim woman not fulfilling her duties . Constantly neglecting the duties that have been alotted to her

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