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    Default Idols worshiped by wahhabi/salafi ancestors

    The National Museum of Saudi Arabia was opened in Riyadh in 1999 to celebrate centenary (100 year) of Saudi occupation of Arabian Peninsula. It was designed by Moriyama & Teshima Planners, Canada, the winners of Intl Design Competition for this Museum.

    Riyadh Museum at Night: Among other ancient artifacts, the Museum houses ancient Idol Gods which were worshiped by Saudi ancestors. These Idols are reported to have been found by Saudis in various Archaeological sites in the Kingdom.

    Carved in stone, this Idol God is considered to be 4000 years BC. It is given extra-ordinary importance and focus in Riyadh Museum, as well as in Saudi Archaeological Exhibitions in the world. Courtesy -

    The Idol was placed in the first gallery of "Arabian Routes Exhibition" Paris, France, during July 16 - Sept 27, 2010.

    The Arabian Routes Exhibition was later shifted to La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain, during Nov 4, 2010 - Feb 6, 2011. In Spain also, this ancient Idol God was provided with special focus of attention by Saudi organizers.

    The Arabian Routes Exhibition will be held in three more American cities during 2011-12.

    In 1944, G. Caton Thompson discovered this idol in Southern Saudi Arabian excavation which is considered to be the Moon-God of Pagans (also known as Hubul). This was confirmed by well-known archaeologists, like Richard Le Baron Bower Jr. and Frank P. Albright, "Archaeological Discoveries in South Arabia", Baltimore, John Hopkins Univ Press, 1958, p.78ff, and Ray Cleveland, "An Ancient South Arabian Necropolis", Baltimore, John Hopkins Univ Press, 1965; Nelson Gleuck, "Deities & Dolphins" NY, Farrar-Strauss-Giroux, 1965).

    In the 1950's a major Moon-God-Temple was excavated at Hazor, Palestine. Two idols of the Moon-God were found. Each was an Idol sitting upon a throne with a crescent moon carved on his chest. The accompanying inscriptions make it clear that these were idols of the Moon-God. Several smaller Idols were also found which were identified by their inscriptions as the daughters of the Moon-God (Popularly known as al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat).

    The preservation and display of archaeological heritage is the most important aspect of Saudi Government policy for the past 100 years.

    The idols worshiped by Saudi ancestors are preserved for their future generations as important specimens of Saudi Arabian culture and tradition. Courtesy Arab News:

    The Saudi Department of Museums and Antiquities has undertaken the task of excavating, classifying and maintaining the Idols worshiped by Saudi ancestors. The Department of Archeology at King Saud University in Riyadh is also an important Institution which preserves ancient Heritage of Saudi Arabia.

    The most important Restoration Work of Najd was undertaken recently was at Diriyah, Najd, the ancestral home of Saudi Royals.

    Tarut is an island, four square kilometers in radius, in Arabian Gulf near Al-Qatif, Najd. Several archaeological sites have been recorded around this island showing evidences of Idol worship in ancient Najd.

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    There's a sect (wahhabi/salfi) in Saudi Arabia whose adherents are still worshiping Allah Azzawajal with the intention that He is a Sky God known as Allah because God is translated in Arabic as Allah. Similarly, Christians in Arabic, Persian and Urdu translations of Bible, refer to their God as Allah. They (the concerned Muslim sect in Saudi Arabia) believe that Allah (their Sky God) has (i) a physical body (al-jism), (ii) He is physically sitting on the sky (on a throne), and (iii) He has limbs, hands, eyes, tongue, face and other body parts.

    There's a connection between the wahhabi/salafi concept of Allah Azzawajal and the concept of God by their ancestors who were idol worshipers who thought their God as a super being sitting upon a throne.

    1. Why have they not destroyed all these idols and why are they preserving them in their musuem?

    2. Why does the ward named (Saudi heritage) only contain Najdi cultural items?

    3. Why Najdi heritage was labelled as Saudi heritage whereas Saudi Arabia also includes Hejaz, Janoob, Shamal and Sharq among other regions?


    The Historical Influences and Effects of the Methodologies of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon Upon the Salafi dawah.

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    The Anthropomorphist may say that Saudis want to showcase their ancestral Idol worship and cultural history by preserving the Idols found in Kingdom's archaeological excavations. Every nation preserves its heritage. There is nothing wrong in it.

    If we accept the above argument, then Saudis should have also preserved the vast Islamic heritage destroyed by them in Arabian Peninsula, particularly in Hijaz.

    The current preservation of so called Islamic heritage by Saudi Government is selective, which does not contain anything related to Prophet Mohammad , His Family and Sahabah (Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhum).

    Why Saudis destroyed everything related to Islam, specially the relics of Prophet Mohammad and Sahabah (Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhum) ; their mosques, houses and other important traces of Islam? Was it not the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia?

    Not only they destroyed the house of Prophet Mohammad in Makka where he lived 28 years with his family, they also humiliated him by constructing a Public Toilet on it where millions of people relieves the contents of their intestines and spit 24 hours of the day.

    As a matter of fact, they destroyed the entire Geography of Seeratun Nabi

    While destroying the important Islamic Heritage, they claimed that people give respect to the relics of Prophet Mohammad and Sahabah (Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhum) . This is an alibi and deception. They know that the respect of Prophet's relics is the practice of all Sahabah (Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhum) and is part of Islamic faith.

    The respect, importance and display of their ancestral Idols in magnificent air conditioned Archeology Museums is clear cut evidence that Idols of their ancestral Gods are more important to them than the relics of Prophet Mohammad . As a matter of fact the house of Prophet Mohammad in Makka was so evil and dirty for them that they not only destroyed it but built a Public Toilet on it.

    They have planned to destroy the Green Dome and sacred grave of Prophet Mohammad so that this last trace of Islam is removed from the face of this Earth.

    They openly say that preservation of Prophet's relics, his houses, the houses of Sahabah, their old mosques and even their sacred graves is shirk; but preservation of Idols worshiped by their forefathers is their important responsibility towards their future generations.

    The Prophet Mohammad destroyed all 360 Idols kept in Ka'aba and ordered Muslims to refrain from Idol worship in all its formats. If Saudis found an Idol in an Archeology site, they should have destroyed it then and there itself because this was ordered by Prophet Mohammad .

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    How come Saudi Government is preserving and protecting their ancestral Idol Gods and displaying them in huge Museums which look like Magnificent Temples built for their future generations?

    The importance and reverence given in displaying Idols Gods worshiped by Saudi ancestors at magnificent centralized Museums in major cities points towards a strong trend in Saudi society. Since they are very much concerned about the protection and preservation of Idols worshiped by their forefathers, there is a strong possibility that soon their scholars will issue Fatawas to preserve and display these Idols at the most secured, sacred, protected and centralized place in the Kingdom, ie., 'Ka'aba' and the old story of Ka'aba is repeated once again in Arabian Peninsula.

    The above observation may look strange to some readers, but when you read about the lavish and lustful life and unthinkable moral corruption of Royals and the Rich in Saudi Arabia, it will be easier for you to compare them with Pagan-Lords of Prophet's time who preserved and displayed 360 Idol Gods in Ka'aba. As a matter of fact, the pagan lords can come nowhere near the modern Royals and the rich of their society in any deed you compare between them.

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    Such a brilliant and very informative post brother
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