Qibla Connect is an application of Qibla Locator to find the direction of Qibla. This app is provided both in android and iOS. This app gives and helps in the prayers timing notifying you to offer the prayers on time and contains alarm setting to inform you about the time to offer your prayer. Qibla Connect app brings alarm sound in form of Adhan with different voices of the Reciters. It gives the exact Namaz (Prayers) timing and it also gives the distance of Kaaba from your existing location.

Qibla Connect has many useful and important features and functionality. These features are as follows
Qibla Direction: This app gives the direction of the Kaaba (Qibla) from anywhere around the world.
Qibla Distance: Qibla Connect also gives the distance between the existence locations of a person from the Qibla (Kaaba).
Alarm Reminders: This app contains the features of Alarm; alarm can also be set to inform you about the times of five times prayer.
Automation Setting: This app will automatically notify you about prayers timing with the Adhan Reminders and so many more.
Download this app from above the links and make it easy and possible to offer your prayers on time and on the right direction.