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Thread: Eid Mubarak

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    Default Eid Mubarak


    Dear all

    Assalam Alaikum

    Taqabal Allaahu Minna Wa minkum. (May Allah Accept from Us and from You)

    EID Mubarak to you and your family and May Allah bless and grant you barakah in this world and the ahkhirah ...May Allah accept your duas. Let us remember the Ummah which is in pain and distress in many parts of the world and if possible let us contribute in whatever way possible whether it be financially or by way of your sincere duas. Make dua for those who have passed on....May ALLAH grant relief to those in need,May Allah ease the plight of so many that are downtrodden,& oppressed ...May Allah grant Shi'fa to those that are ill and may ALLAH grant us a death with Emaan… Ameen

    دیوبندی مذہب کی مستند کتاب تقویۃ الایمان میں لکھا ہے کہ نبی کی تعریف بشر کی سی کرو (معاذاللہ
    کیا یہ لوگ مسلمان ہیں؟

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    خیر مبارک بھائی آپ کو بھی بہت بہت عید مبارک ہو

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