"Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)

Qurb –practicing kalma 2
Recite and practise kalima taiba you will attain allah.
If only the 'I' (thought of the self) goes, you can enter paradise.the thought of the self, which some say as the ego or nafs, is our first enemy. Our Prophet (Peace be upon him), who is the Habib of Allah, asked us to remember Allah, so much that others would start to call us as insane people.
Unless you attain 'yadhe Huq' you cannot attain 'Yafthe Huq'. So, the first goal of a seeker should be to increase the zikr of Allah. You should be so much immersed in His zikr (remembrance) that you should forget yourself. it is He who is making you to remember Him.
1.When you feel thirsty and drink water, your mind should automatically remember Him.
2.The hand with which you are holding the glass is due to His blessings. The power with which you are holding the glass is His. (La Kuwwatha Illa Billah -- There is no power other than His power.)
3.The glass you are holding is also His creation. The water is also is His creation.
4.It is He who is fulfilling your need of quenching your thirst. It is He who is feeding the water to you.
5. These movements are in fact due to the kuwwath (power) of Allah. So, we have to associate these actions to the power of Allah,
6. we have eyes in our heart. it is our ability to feel. We can experience the af'al (actions), sifath (characteristics) and the ujood of Allah. This feeling can be experienced both in anfus (within ourselves) and in aafaak (outside us).
7. The existence of all the creations is due to the reflection of His existence and we can feel that too. The sifaaths belongs to Allah and what we find it in the creations are its reflections.We can feel and get excited over these Sifaths coming out of the creations.
8. As far as Allah is concerned, He exists by himself and we are not allowed to think about His ujoodh for His ujoodh and Zaath are same for Him. The ujoodh of a creation is what it is made of. For example, the ujoodh of a cap is cloth; the ujoodh of the computer keyboard is plastic. Yes, Allah created us with His ujoodh. But, He has not changed a bit due to the creation of this universe. "Huwa al aana kama kana alaihi" (He is now as He was before). He is pure from changing, breaking, cutting into pieces, getting into something, something getting into Him, etc., etc.
9. Allah has not changed a bit in any way in His essence and He will not. Allah's existence has not mixed with us and He is pure of getting mixed and mixing with anything. We can't see Allah by our eyes in this world(insha allah-in jannah we will see allah).
Though the power and characteristics we possess are due to the reflection of Allah's characteristics, in no way Allah is responsible for the bad deeds which we do. We are fully responsible for that.

When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
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