"Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)

How to Find shirk?
“Verily the right of Allah upon His slaves is that they worship Him and not associate anyone in partnership with Him, and the right of the slaves upon Allah is that He does not punish those who do not commit Shirk with Him.” [Narrated by al-Bukhari]
Uqbah bin aamir(r.a) Prophet(saw) prayed salah for martyres of uhud as he is saying farewell to both dead and live ones. then he appeared in MIMBAR and said: i am your leader,and i am witness over you, our place for meeting is HAUZ-E-KAUTHAR and i am seeing hauz-e-kauthar from here and i have no fear about you that after me you will fall in SHIRK but i fear you will fall in WORLDLY LOVE ,luuqbah(r.a) furthur said that day i saw prophet for last time.(bukhari bookghaazi chapter:battle of uhud)
1.meeting at hauz e kauthar here suggest total muslim ummah not just for sahaba(ra)
2. sahaba (ra) never went behind the worldly love- this is suggestive of general ummah
Hudhaifa i.e. Ibn al Yaman (ra) said that the Prophet (saw) said: Verily, I fear about a man from you who will read the Qur'an so much that his face will become enlightened and he will come to personify Islam. This will continue until Allah desires. Then these things will be taken away from him when he will disregard them by putting them all behind his back and will attack his neighbor with the sword accusing him of Shirk. The Prophet was asked - which of the two will be deserving of such an accusation? - The attacker or the attacked? The Prophet replied - the attacker (the one accusing the other of Shirk) [Ibn Hibban ,Silsilat al-ahadith al-sahihah - Albani Volume 007-A, Page No. 605, Hadith Number 3201]
In the coming times word shirk will be common but most of the time it’s the accuser who will become mushirk .its better not to point at others saying this is shirk-this is shirk-this is shirk.
"Ibn Umar considered the Khawarij and the heretics as the worst beings in creation, and he said: They went to verses which were revealed about the disbelievers and applied them to the Believers.(Bukhari Chapter Khawarjites)
Try to understand tauheed and shirk by knowing whether its makki or madani ayats, reason for revelation of that ayah, ijma of the mufasireen about the ayat,what is the deriative from that ayah etc .tauheed and shirk is opposite to eachother if some says shirk ask him to prove tauheed from it. type of shirk and what clause of shirk etc etc.
try to know whether the verse is refering to idols/kuffar, jews, Christian or for total mankind. What is the derivative of those verses for muslims?
(many a times )makki verses discuss tauheed and shirk. Madani verses discuss risalat and ahkirat. Call non muslims towards tauheed and call muslims towards risalat and ahkirat.this is quranic way of doing tabligh.
People have taken juzz/partial deen and are contained with it.try to learn and practice total deen. allah doesnot like juzz/partial deen. allah loves those who bring total/kull deen.
Kull/Complete deen =tauheed(islam)+risalat(iman)+ahkirat(ihsan).
Learn shariat(the law) from ulema and tariqat(the path) from sufi masters(people of ihsan). people with both(sharia and tariqa-2 faces of the coin) are insane e kamil.
When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
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