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    Default Full Android Quran with English Translation

    Quran Reading is an android Islamic Smartphone application that assists Muslims worldwide globe to learn Quran in an unsurpassed manner. It gives Quran translation, transliteration and audio recitation to learn Quran more effectively.

    All 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran are available.
    Soulful Audio Recitation of every Surah is accessible.
    Quran Translation into a variety of languages such as English, Urdu, Persian, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish and Indonesian.
    Transliteration choice conveys recitation of the Arabic text in English.
    Search Bar assists in looking for a precise Chapter.
    Go To selection helps to move to a particular ayah
    Bookmarks helps to save section of the recitation to continue reading from the same place again.
    Stop Signs are also specified together with their implications.
    14 Sajdahs are individually stated to notify about their explicit places of happening during Quran Recitation.
    Font Size and Font Styles can be modified as per one`s own likeness.
    Save and Reset make possible keeping and reorganizing any alterations.
    Learn Tajweed help Muslims to learn Quran more accurately
    Mukhraj ul haroof help Muslims to learn or pronounce Arabic letters more effectively
    Components of tajweed includes all those essential signs that are important for proper pronunciation
    Rules of Tajweed help Muslims to learn the basics of Quran hakeem

    Download this useful and free of cost application to learn quran tajweed of whole Quran in more easy way.
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