Save your time of booking Hotel near Haram Makkah through the online platform of Haramayn Hotels. Life of prophet (PBUH) reflects time management at various occasions. As a Muslims we know the fact that we are already running out of time. There is no right time for a right thing. It is only now and never some other time. There are people struggling with their lives, if you are waiting for time to come then it has just arrived. Start working on it from now without any delays. You want to overcome your fears, pray to Allah and face your fears. He is the best guide for everyone and the only one who will never disappoint you in your way to success. Be thankful to him for what you have and never waste your time in useless issues. Manage your daily routines by scheduling it around five daily prayers, other tasks, commitments and family.
Prioritize your life by listing important aspects of your life like family, religion, job, break, commitments and self love. While making your list just keep in mind that you donít have enough time, you donít know when death will take you or your loved one away from you. So be kind with everyone you meet, keep your promises, forgive others and ask for it too. Letís have a look on time management of our prophet (PBUH):
∑ He was an early riser
∑ No compromise on daily five prayers
∑ Consistency
∑ No delays in doing good
∑ Not letting anyone wait for so long
We can also manage our time by following these 5 points. Other than the Islamic perspective science has also helped us a lot in saving our time. Haramayn Hotels have also come up with solution, in case you want to book any Hotels near Haram Makkah or Madina. Now you donít have to search out at different places when you will get everything on a single platform online.