company name :qnet
business process:for example
network marketing or MLM business is working on the same principle, which the Company says you first become my customer and then help me sell my product by referring it to your friend and family or someone you know and who trust you and your recommendation. So on every purchase from your recommendation you will get a particular commission on it.
Its a people business. So its like a Win -Win situation in both sides. Company also gets to sell its product and at the same time, the person who is able to sell the business plan, which i mentioned above gets a good commission, which is 10% Direct commission + Step Commission.
I will speak about the chanllages in this business, opportunities and scenarios:
Scenario 1: You paid the money to register yourself in the business:
In case you paid the money already or partially and want to quit the biz because of any reason, then you can raise a cancellation request within 7 days and 30 days of purchase.

Yo can start the biz as low as 2.5 LK, 3.5 LK, 4 LK, 5LK....9LK.
If you go for a lower amount, the person who introduce you in the biz will get a low commission and hence they try to show you the plan with a budget that starts with 3 LK till 9 LK .Scenario 2:

You have been registered and say you liked the biz and wanted to continue the biz. Don't expect that you will start earning out of the blue and start earning money.
You will not earn any money unless someone you refer join's the business, which is buy the package and give him the opportunity to do the biz as well.
The main challenge here is there is no guaranty about when soon you will make the money by getting others sign ups. It may take 2 to 3 months for someone and for someone it may take a years and for some,more than that but the key is you should not stop keep doing it.
Like any other biz, there are also challenges in this biz, which are below:

1. You can get the refund of your money only within 30 days, not after 30 days.
2. You need to learn the skills to do this biz, this is not that easy as it seems. People join this biz not because of they like the biz or so.They join this biz because they trust the person in terms of money, who introduce them to the biz.
3. Like any other biz, there are many people who are successful and many people who failed in this biz. If you are not sure and think you won't be able to do this biz, don't go for this biz, However you are passionate about this biz and want to go forward then the chances are you will be successful and may earn lot of money from the biz.
4. Like any other biz, there is no regular income. You can earn when you get a sign ups i.e the person you are referring to this biz joins this biz.
5. For earning any money you need to bring people to show the biz plan. In case you bring 7 people to show the plan, chances are only 2 will sign up and remaining others may reject the biz.
6. Since because of lots negativity around the internet, it becomes difficult for the new IR's also to get people to join the biz.So it further increases the challenges.
7. So during the initial period say first 1 to 2 years it could be a struggle, that too if you are diligently working.
8. You need to do exactly the same thing that your friend did to show you the plan and then ask you to invest in the biz etc. So it's the same process that everyone within Qnet need to follow.
So your fiends who introduce you to the biz are not fraud so something, they are genuine people who is following the systematic procedure to do the biz.

Say once you buy a product from some company and you like the product and you recommend that product to your friend and also earn money at the same time like they do, so is it like they are fraud or something?

9. Once you get sign up, you will get the money in E cards, which can be telegraphically transferred to your account or used in any transaction.

So for telegraphic transfer it takes 60 days to get the money in your bank account but more safer and have control of your own money, the transaction happens between you and the comp directly.

For e cards it takes 30 days, which is used in others transaction and then they were being paid to your but not directly through the company.

The commission system:

The commission here paid in step commission + direct commission(10% of the amount you give to purchase the product)

For example you purchase the product on 5 LK then 50 K will be your direct commission.

The step commission is provided on a mathematical calculation. The reason behind this is the company is operating in 150 countries and they have million of people as IR's, the easiest way to send money to IR is by following a mathematical formula.

There is a concept called 3 on left and 3 on right.

So if there is combination of 3 units on left and 3 units on right you will get paid.

1 unit is equal to 2K. So 3 units is 6K and the combination of 3 on left and 3 on right will give you 12K as step commission.

Further as many units you have, you get more combinations of 3 units like on 7 units, it will be 3+3+1 on both left and right.

12K on left and 12 K on right = 24 K( Step Commission) + Direct Commission.

Apart from the above you really need to give time to this biz to make it successful, Unless you yourself don't work and bring more people to join the biz you will not be successful.

After going through all the pros and corns of the business, it s up to you to decide, however amount between 1 to 2 LK not beyond in case you are thinking of doing the biz as you will recover that money soon and also in case if you bring people, bring them and ask them to do the biz on a lower budget as in that case not much load will be there on that person even if they are not doing the biz well in the initial years and you will also earn although small amount but you are also not putting much monetary on that person.

as salaam alikum.....please tell this company business is HARAM OR HALAL.