As-Salaam alaikum,

From whatever way you look at it, the most direct way and manner by which one can be on the road to serving Allah, Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala, with pure heart... full of light and obeying Allah's Will.. is to attain and stick to those noble spiritual virtues such as:--

(1) Tawba (repentance)

(2) Taqwa (mindfulness)

(3) Wara' (scrupulousness) and

(4) Ikhlas (sincerity).

Also, one should avoid the spiritual maladies of:- 'Ujb (self-conceit), Kibr (arrogance), ghirra (self-delusion) and hasd (envy).

May Allah Ta'ala Help us, to be on His Way always... ameen.
Best Regards.