As-Salaam alaikum,
We can only know Allah, Jallah-Jalalahu, if He so Wishes... No one knows Allah but Allah. Gnosis is a bounty which Allah gives to His servant when He opens for him/her the door of favour and grace, beginning without the servant's being worthy of that.. because the relative can never be said to be worthy of knowing the Absolute; no matter how much worship is offered.

If the devotee is not aware of this fundamental truth, not even a lifetime of pious devotion will avail in respect of the highest knowledge. His worship, thus, becomes a veil obscuring the light of this knowledge. According to Abu Yazid al-Bistami, may Allah be Merciful to him, three (3) types of men are the most obscured from Allah:

1. The scholar (al-alim) by his erudition

2. The pious worshipper (al-abid) by his piety

3. The ascetic (al-zahid) by his asceticism.

Indeed, ma'arifa/gnosis is a fathomless sea... it is before all things and the origin of all things. Do not seek to be one with the Ocean by drinking it all up, rather, drown into the Ocean.